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Portfolio Highlights


35+ countries, 250+ cities, 1,000+ graduates, $300 million raised


800+ happy startups, 100+ investments, 14,000+ investors

Venture builder

Parent holding company of,, and Journey.Capital

Talino Labs

Venture builder

Investors include Foxmount Capital Partners and Wavemaker Labs

Emerging VC firm

Invests in idea stage startups

Emerging VC firm

Invests in pre-seed / seed stage startups

AI driven talent acquisition

Investors include Imperial Innovations, Jetstream Capital, Bay Wharf Capital and Meyer Global Management.

Platform for live mentorship and freelance projects

Investors include WI Harper Group, Techstars Ventures, Foundry Group and 500 Startups

The easiest way to find remote developer jobs

Investors include Knockout Capital and Y Combinator

Crowdfunding platform

Investors include TSVC, Knockout Capital, SGH Capital, Visary Capital, Bay Wharf Capital and Y Combinator

Legal as a Service

Investors include Enduring Ventures

AI driven macro nowcasting

Investors include Moody's Corporation, G7 Sovereign Wealth Fund and Kingdom Holdings

Rental e-scooter

Investors include GSR Ventures,  SquarePeg Capital, SEEDs Capital and 500 Startups

AR / VR driven edtech

Investors include Octava, SEEDs Capital, Spaze Ventures and Govin Capital

Low code services provider

Private investors

AI driven talent acquisition

Private investors

D2C subscription-based alternative coffee

Private investors


Investors include NYSE:AMTD, Blockwater Management, 500 Startups and Startupbootcamp.

MadThread (Exited)


Private investors

AsiaMX (Exited)

Media asset management

Private investors

Portfolio: Portfolio
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